SICL 2023

Welcome to SICL 2023

Scientific International Conference for Law

The rule of law and artificial intelligence
challenges and aspirations

This is a non-profit conference (Free Registration)

– We are delighted to offer one author of each accepted paper complimentary registration during the upcoming conference. We believe that your presence will add value to the event.

– There will be a tourist trip on the third day of the conference to visit many tourist attractions and historical sites in Jordan

The conference will offer participants the option to attend both Face-to-Face Attendance (In-person) And Remote Attendance (Virtual)


Chairman of the Supreme Committee of the Conference:

  • His Excellency Prof. Mohammad Ahmed Al-Majali, President of Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan (as Chairman).
  • Dr. Tariq Al-Qurum is the Vice President.
  • Dr. Mohammed Al-Ghazawi is the Dean of the Faculty of Law.
The Scientific Committee of the Conference (responsible for evaluating research and studies)
  • Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Conference: Prof. Yasin Mohammed Al-Jubouri.
  • Prof. Sarah Mahmoud Al-Arasi.
  • Dr. Ali Awad Al-Jabrah.
  • Members from Arab and foreign universities with a professorial degree.
1Prof. Eid Alhusban Al AlBayt University
2Prof. Abdul Raouf Al-KasasbehMutah University
3Prof. Abdullah Al-NawaisaMutah University
4Prof. Abdulrahman Al-AmanMuscat University
5Prof. Ahmed Al LawziMiddle East University
6Prof. Ahmed Al-NuematAl-Balqa University
7Prof. Ahmed MasumUniversity of Brunei
8Prof. Alaa El-Din Al-KhasawnehYarmouk University
9Prof. Ali Al Qutaishat University of Islamic Sciences
10Prof. Anis Al -MansourMiddle East University
11Prof. Bassem MelhemQatar University
12Prof. Burke Fares Hussein Al-JubouriKuwait University
13Prof. Ahmed Sayed MahmoudUniversity of Sharjah
14Prof. Malik Abu NussairDubai Police Academy
15Prof. Mufdi Al-SarayrahMuscat University
16Prof. Faisal ShatnawiUniversity of Islamic Sciences
17Prof. Farhan Al-MusaedAl AlBayt University
18Prof. Fayyad Al-QudahUniversity of Jordan
19Prof. Firas Al-KasasbehYarmouk University
20Prof. Hasina Sharon Abdel HamidUniversity of Mohamed Khider Biskra
21Prof. Ibrahim Al-ShawabkehYarmouk University
22Prof. Jaafar Al-MaghrabiUniversity of Islamic Sciences
23Prof. Jamal MiknasMutah University
24Prof. Kamal Al-AllawinUniversity of Jordan
25Prof. Kamel Al-SaeedUniversity of Jordan
26Prof. Karima KarimUniversity of Jillali Liabes
27Prof. Khairy Abdel-Fattah Al-BatanouniTaiba University Al Madeena Al Munawara, Saudi Arabia
28Prof. Mahasen Al-JaghoubUniversity of Jordan
29Prof. Mamdouh Al-AdwanUniversity of Islamic Sciences
30Prof. Moamen Al-QudahYarmouk University
31Prof. Mohamed Saeed Abdel AyedNaif Arab University for Security Sciences
32Prof. Mohammed Al-NasserUniversity of Jordan
33Prof. Maen Al-QudahKing Saud University
34Prof. Muhammad Abu Al HaijaMiddle East University
35Prof. Muhammad AlkharshaQatar University
36Prof. Mukhled Al-TarawnehQatar University
37Prof. Musleh Al-TarawnehMutah University
38Prof. Nofan Al-AjarmehUniversity of Jordan
39Prof. Nezam Majali Mutah University
40Prof. Osayd AlthneibatMutah University
41Prof. Rabia BoucratesUniversity of Hassiba Benbouali
42Prof. Safaa AlswilmeyeenYarmouk University
43Prof. Saleh AlBarashdiSultan Qaboos University
44Prof. Samer Al DalalaAl AlBayt University
45Prof. Waleed Al-QadiUniversity of Jordan
46prof. Yousif ObedatYarmouk University
47Prof. Tala Al IssaAjloun University
48Prof. Sami RawashdehQatar University
49Prof. Ehamid HaniehUniversity of Mohamed Khider Biskra
50Prof. Abdullah AlsofaniAl AlBayt University
51Prof. Salah AlraggadYarmouk University
52Dr. Tarek Ghazi KananAl-Zaytoonah University of Jordan

The Preparatory and Organizing Committee of the Conference (responsible for organizing the conference events):

Chairman of the Preparatory and Organizing Committee of the Conference:

  • Dr. Mohamed Fahmi Alghazwi
Members of the Preparatory and Organizing Committee of the Conference:
  • Dr. Ahmed Al-Shahrouri
  • Dr. Hisham Al-Kassasbeh
  • Dr. Ali Awad Al-Jabrah
  • Dr. Mohammad Al-Majali
  • Dr. Mohammad Arabiyat
  • Dr. Laila Barqawi
  • Mr. Sulaiman Al-Zuben
  • Professor Iqbal H. Jebril
The Conference Media Committee: (responsible for publishing, media promotion, and inviting attendees to the conference):
  • Prof. Sara Al-Arasi (chair)
  • Dr. Sukaina Al-Qattan
  • Dr. Ali Al-Jabarah
  • Dr. Hisham Al-Kasasbeh
  • Dr. Mohammed Al-Majali
  • Dr. Mohammed Arabiyat
  • Maha Abu Khalaf
  • Fayhaa Abu Zanad



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