SICL 2023

Welcome to SICL 2023

Scientific International Conference for Law

The rule of law and artificial intelligence
challenges and aspirations

This is a non-profit conference (Free Registration)

– We are delighted to offer one author of each accepted paper complimentary registration during the upcoming conference. We believe that your presence will add value to the event.

– There will be a tourist trip on the third day of the conference to visit many tourist attractions and historical sites in Jordan

The conference will offer participants the option to attend both Face-to-Face Attendance (In-person) And Remote Attendance (Virtual)

Conference Program

Here are simple instructions for using the Zoom program and joining your conference session link:

1. Install Zoom:
Download and install the Zoom application on your computer. You can find the program on the official Zoom website ( and download and install it.

2. Create a Zoom Account:
If you don’t already have a Zoom account, create one on the Zoom website. You can use your email account to register.

3. Log In:
After installing the application and creating a Zoom account, log in using your account credentials.

4. Join the Conference Session:
– Click on “Join a Meeting” in the Zoom interface.
– Enter the session number provided to you, or click on the session link mentioned in the conference schedule with your name.

Join Zoom Conference session1 Meeting ID: 957 8585 5329

Join Zoom Conference session2 Meeting ID: 915 9698 5338

Join Zoom Conference session 3 Meeting ID: 966 2422 1151

– Choose the appropriate audio and video settings.
– Click “Join” to join the conference session.

5. Wait for Entry Confirmation:
After joining the meeting, wait for the host to accept your entry. There might be a waiting room until the host verifies your identity.

Most of these steps depend on the settings of the specific meeting you’re trying to join and may vary based on your version of the Zoom application.




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